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Our Story

Built in 1871 Casa Schuck was rebuilt in high style in 1971 by Connecticut ex-pats Gladys and Charlie Schuck, who began a relationship with San Miguel in the early 1960s. In 1966 they bought the house and enlisted the interior design and architect team of Dorothy Vidargas and her son Ricardo to reimagine the vast property as a grand garden courtyard home for their family who visited from Connecticut and New York. They insisted on a pool for their grand children, and a design that included two separate houses to surround a central courtyard, with gardens everywhere. In 1971 the project was finished and The Schuck House, as it was known, became a hive of high style entertaining for the fashionable ex-pat community of the 1970s, known for cocktail dinners and charity events, and a regular stop on the House & Garden Tour. Frequent guests in the early 1970s were Francesca and John Lodge, the 1930s Hollywood actor and former Governor of Connecticut and his socialite wife, and hundreds of San Miguels storied Ex-pats who made Mexico their home. In 1978 the Schuck's both passed away, and their daughter, Nancy Cordelli, turned the Schuck House into Casa Schuck, the first luxury bed & breakfast in San Miguel. The late Princess Lee Radziwill, the sister of Jacqueline Onassis, was one of the first guests, and she stayed for a week. Since 2001 the hotel has been managed by the daughter of Nancy Cordelli, Susan and her husband Chuck Easter, who have continued the legacy of the Schuck House/ Casa Schuck and created a thriving luxury property that retains the old world charm of San Miguel in its luxurious guest accommodations and gardens. Guests return year after year to the same rooms, and we have hosted weddings in our courtyard for the children of guests who brought those children to San Miguel back in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Over time we have come to knowthousands of world travelers who seek out the unique and off the beaten path places to see and stay. Casa Schuck is one of the largest in-town properties in San Miguel, and has become a coveted destination wedding and special event venue, continuing the grand entertaining legacy of Gladys Schuck, whose classic cocktail dinners over 50 years ago still can be imagined in the grand rooms and gardens of Casa Schuck.


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